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アダム・モラン / ADAM MORAN

BURTON's Method model with autographs
There was a time this past fall when we had a lot of the team in the office all together. I had the board and knew that having all these riders sign it would make it such a special board that I could keep for the future to give away to something which deserved it or a person that deserved it. I think using it to raise money for Japan is the absolute perfect way to part with that board and I hope someone who is a huge snowboard fan is happy with it in the end that they got it for a great cause. It has the signatures of Terje, Jussi, Danny, Kevin, Mikey, and a few others on it I think. You will have to check it out and see, but there are a lot on there and its a brand new Method.

アイテム / ITEM
'10-'11 BURTON Method Model with autographs

出品者 / DONOR
アダム・モラン / ADAM MORAN

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出品者 Donor
アダム・モラン / ADAM MORAN   アダム・モラン

As the Global Team Manager I work with all of our athletes around the world and help them with anything that comes up. I also shoot photos and am a photographer at Burton so I travel a lot with them to photo shoots and events capturing images of them doing what they do best.

Message from ADAM MORAN
My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Japan. Japan is one of my favorite places to visit and I still look forward to going back very soon.