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マイク・バシッチ|MIKE BASICH
2000年、まだスポンサーもなかった頃につくったもの。当時は何をしたいのかがわかった時で、以降、純粋に自由にバックカントリーを追求するようになった。そしてガレージでグラフィックを学び始め、バックカントリーの素晴らしさを伝えられるようなグラフィックを描いたんだ。これまで156cmの板13枚、161cmの板11枚、計23枚の板を製作しているんだけれども、この板は156cm。この板は僕が作ったフィルム"Open Space" の中でも乗っている。この板を落札した人の幸せを願うよ。これは特別な1枚だから。 それとOPEN SPACE の映像を多くの人に見てもらいたく、OPEN SPACE PROJECTとしてDVD BOXをつくったんだ。BOXにはオリジナルTシャツ、ステッカー2枚、OPEN SPACE DVDが入っています。

MIKE BASICH hand made board & 241 set
This board was a project I did when I didn't have a sponsor in 2000, It was a year that made me realize what I wanted to do with my snowboarding, which become the pure passion to snowboard freely in the back country, so I started to learn how to make the graphics for a snowboard in my garage and came up with a graphic that I felt would teach people more about the best part of snowboarding, The backcountry. This board is one of 13 boards ever made, I made a total of 23 boards, 13 156cm length and 11 161cm length. You can see me making this board in the film I made "Open Space" at I wish the best to who bids on this, it is a one of a kind board. DVD BOX includes T-shirts, stickers, and DVD"OPEN SPACE".

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MIKE BASICH hand made board & 241 set

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マイク・バシッチ|MIKE BASICH

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マイク・バシッチ|MIKE BASICH   マイク・バシッチ

Born and live in Lake Tahoe, California. Produce own snowboard brand "241" which marks 20th anniversary. In Alaska and other countries, he is chasing his riding actively.

Message from MIKE BASICH
I hope everyone who has experienced this powerful movement of mother nature can recover in away that life will feel better soon. Such a event must make each of you such a strong person. My thoughts are with all of you in japan and hope this auction will bring a better start to a new day

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